On the Path Again

This is a picture of me from 6 years ago, attempting to do crow pose in my kitchen. I centered my Manduka equidistant from the stove and butcher block on my right, and the dishwasher and other butcher block on the left. This being the only large enough hard floor in the apartment warranted this madness. I’ve always dreamed of having a huge, barely furnished room in which to practice endless hours of yoga, with a section cordoned off using an antique partition. Behind the screen would be my little meditation nook, complete with zafu, floor cushion, meditation shawl, bells and all the whistles. Just outside the door, a glass tea kettle full of herbal detox tea would await me once I’d completed my indulgent self care session. If my mom was reading this, the side eye would have been steady since line 2.

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